65728) An eating disorder doesn’t necessarily change your body, it changes your mind. And no-one can see how sad and desperate and even dead you are inside. Eating disorders aren’t necessarily bony people, eating disorders can be invisible. Jul 18th / 3,437 notes
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80 % of the people I follow are attractive lesbians I have no chance with

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Find what you love and let it kill you.

Charles Bukowski (via n-ephthys)

Honestly, i’d rather find what i love and let it fix me.

(via collectedmemorabilia)

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I don’t chase my liquor, I’m sure as shit not going to chase you for your friendship. Byeeeeeee!

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You know what’s fun about cancer?

Nothing. Now stop romanticizing it. 

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We get the keys to our new place tomorrow morning!!


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just a few things i’ve collected about tumblr’s view on parenting

dont forget this gem:

this entire post just made my day

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Can I just say…


That trying to shave your vagina when 30 weeks pregnant is like trying to smell the color 9

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Anonymous said: Does sex really bind you to a person??


nope not unless you can’t find the keys to the handcuffs

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Sometimes i am Bob, sometimes i am Linda.

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Some people refrain from eating bacon for religious reasons, I refrain from religion for bacon flavored reasons.

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